Slot Machine Myths You Should Never Believe

Slot machines have been casino favorites for centuries. Through the years, people have passed down an assortment of strategies that supposedly increase the odds of winning this game of pure chance. Should you believe them?

Slots Are a Bad Bet

Casino games that are based on luck usually have a higher house advantage than skill based games like blackjack or poker, but slot machines aren't the worst odds you could choose to play. Designate a portion of your bankroll for slots and stick to it to minimize your losses.

You'll Know When a Machine Is Ready to Pay

This is one of the biggest lies slot machine players tell themselves. And over and over again they continue to lose money with these wishful strategies. There's no way to know that a machine won't hit a second jackpot just a couple of spins later; and all of those spins that look like you're getting so close to winning the big one? They're preprogrammed to make you think just that.

Every Combination Has Equal Odds

The reason that it's impossible to predict a slot machine's next spin is because the games are programmed using a random number generator, or RNG. This computer script ensures completely randomized outcomes that are independent of all other spins. Winning combinations are programmed into the RNG script, usually with just a single instance of the jackpot spin, progressing to several occurrences of non-winning combinations.

Playing the slot machines will always attract casino goers. Slots are a fun way to try your luck at big prizes, and if you remember that the strategies above are nothing more than slot machine myths, you'll increase your chances of winning.