About Expert Roulette by WagerWorks

Many online casino game developers put creative twists on classic casino favorites. Roulette can be rather boring online, so there are several variations available. Expert Roulette by WagerWorks is one of the most popular.

Advanced Bets

Expert Roulette isn't the only online roulette game that allows players to save their betting patterns for future use, but it is an excellent feature for regular players. Advanced betting features are activated under the options menu and will let you save up to six different patterns. Simply place the chips in the desired pattern and click save. To use a saved pattern, turn on advanced bets and select the layout you want to use.

Exclusive Betting Patterns

Players also have the option of using one of WagerWork's preset betting patterns when the advanced betting feature is enabled. These bets are unique to Expert Roulette and can be selected with the click of a mouse. The red and black splits allow you to bet on all of the split bets for either color, while the red and black dragon bets are creative patterns resembling a dragon tail.

Betting Accelerator

The least attractive feature that sets Expert Roulette apart from other variations of online roulette is the integrated betting accelerator. Designed to make the betting process faster, Expert Roulette players can click and drag their mouse to place their wagers. For this to work, however, the chips must be placed in adjacent squares. Many players inadvertently place split bets while using the bet accelerator feature.

Overall, Expert Roulette provides roulette fans with some excellent features that make online roulette more exciting. The dragon bets' enticing 35 to 1 payout is also attractive.