Five Myths about Video Poker

For one reason or another, video poker is often surrounded in a shroud of myths that make players nervous and superstitious. The following video poker myths are the most common and the least truthful.

Myth #1 - Bet the Maximum
Most players believe that they must bet the maximum in order to profit from video poker, but this is not the case. Players who bet the maximum will earn more money for each winning hand, but they will not win more often.

Myth #2 - Players have Control
Players have absolutely no control over the cards they are dealt. There is no 'shoe', so any card can be dealt to a player at any time. For instance, the Ace of Spades could hypothetically be dealt for 20 hands in a row. Players should play the cards they are dealt to the best of their ability.

Myth #3 - Near-Misses are Planned
A near miss can be described as the process by which a player 'misses' a Royal Flush or Four of a Kind by a single card. There are players who believe that this is perpetuated by the casino in order to get players to give up less favorable hands, but this is false. The software is not capable of this.

Myth #4 - Machines Build to Payouts
This myth is associated with both video poker machines and slots, but it is completely false. The software in these machines does not dictate exactly when a payout will come. For instance, one machine may pay out a jackpot twice a day while another goes a week without a single big win.

Myth #5 - Video Poker Cannot be Beaten
While it is true that video poker games always favor the house, players with extraordinary luck most certainly can beat the house at its own game. After all, jackpots are paid out regularly and someone has to be the recipient!

Players who have heard myths about video poker are inclined to believe them simply because they often lose more than they win at these games. None of these myths are true, and players have every opportunity to hit a jackpot at any point in time.